Friday Day 4: New Zealand...Treat myself and get lost in Auckland

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May 6, 2016 - Friday

I got up very late around 8ish. I was still pretty worn out from the day/night before and was not in the mood to jump up and do anything.

I decided to save money on not eating breakfast down at the hotel and just ate the free fruit that was provided in the room along with some granola bars I had brought with me on the trip. There was also free coffee in the room.

Total cost savings: $30-$40

I sat in my PJs in the hotel room drinking coffee with Boyhood playing on the TV as I looked to see what tours I wanted to do for the day. Looking outside from my amazing view on the balcony I could see that it was cloudy and rainy out which really did not put me in the mood to do much of anything.


12:00PM -

I decided that I needed to go get my nails done giving the fact that I had taken my acrylics off the night before after breaking a couple of them. I cannot have ugly fingernails on vacation. (geez I really am turning into a girl)

I put myself together and headed down to the bar for a cocktail.


1:00PM - BAR Bellini

Bloody Mary


I ordered a strong Bloody Mary to get my mood right and set the day. Snacked on some mixed nuts provided, caught up on emails, my Facebook notifications, and uploaded images on my Instagram.

Then came a little bird from the wharf. I gave it some food being the animal lover I am and then I watched the bartender chase it away. I was laughing the whole time as I saw this fiasco which reminded me of an I Love Lucy episode. The bartender informed me that this happens all the time.

I then saw an elderly man behind me who was setting up his camera to take a photo of his wife and himself. I offered to that photo for them as I saw that he was struggling a bit. Heather and Steve who were in from Australia. YAY more Ozzies! Heather told me that she was an office manager and Steve was in security but not a bouncer. We chatted for quite a while and I informed them that I was heading to Sydney in a few days. I asked them for some suggestions on places I should see as you should always get the locals opinion.

Heather asked where I was from and I said "Texas". Steve then said "Texas...Ribs and Oil!!!". I laughed out loud that I think a few heads of the other bar patrons turned to see what was so funny. I said, "Yes, we do love our meat!"

Heather told me that they had been to Los Angeles and Las Vegas but never to Texas. I told them that my brother says it is like Australia in a way being that it is very large and there is desert areas. Heather said, "I saw a lot of desert out in Vegas." Being that I have been to Vegas and know what it is like I was able to tell her that Texas can be like that in some ways.

I said my goodbyes to them both and headed to find a nail place that Heather had told me about in the shops at the Auckland mall. Well I got a bit lost in downtown Auckland instead which was fine. It was a rare day in which I was not on a set schedule and could just roam the streets. I went through China Town, Irish Town, and little Mexico. There are many types of people who live in New Zealand. It must have been graduation day to many of the students as I saw them walking around in their cap and gowns of all colors on the various streets I walked.


3PM - STARVING it is Lunch time

I stopped in at Burger King of all places. I find it odd that this is becoming a habit. I stopped to eat at Burger King while I was in Amsterdam last year as well.

Anyway, I just needed a quick bit to eat and also time to rest my legs. Those inclines really took a toll on my bad knee. I will say that there fast food does not taste like ours back in the States. It is much better because of the real beef from them grazing farmland cows.


4PM - Nails done! Black shellac living large people ($40NZ)

5PM - Massage ($70NZ)

I got a head to toe full body massage and foot reflexology massage by a a small Asian women.

Totally worth the price. Almost 2 hours and my body felt better after it.


close to 6PM the brother is texting. He is ready to head out to go eat dinner.


7PM - Dinner at The Culpepper on the Wharf


Starter: Bluff Oysters half dozen

Bluff Oysters


Main: Catch of the Day, New Zealand Gurnard fish grilled in banana leaves and glazed in an olive oil chili sauce (the chili sauce made that dish! It was just enough spice.)

Sides: Salad, Cauliflower in Romesco and Monte Vedico



We did not get any dessert this time as we were really stuffed. I did remember that we had cheesecake in the hotel fridge from the dinner the night before. #winning!!!


8PM - Bar Bellini for some cocktails

I see my favorite bartenders as soon as I walk in and man is this place packed tonight being a Friday in all.

I ordered two Jack and Cokes and my bartender makes them strong as I like them. Tonight he flirts and hell I flirt back. In a different country and single. Live a little.

I looked around an I see the Australian couple Heather and Steve from earlier this afternoon. I took the drinks to sit with my new friends as my brother went to take a call. So glad they had a spot to sit at because this place had no where to sit otherwise. My brother and I chatted with them until about 9:30PM. Gosh those two are so funny. They had us rolling the whole time.

We called it an early night given that we had to be up early the next day. And those Jack and Cokes did me in just right for a night cap.



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