Varela Studios | Flight Day: Texas is off to conquer New Zealand!

Flight Day: Texas is off to conquer New Zealand!

May 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

   Sunday rise and shine today I fly off to New Zealand! 

    My flight is at 5pm but I was up way late the night before to make sure I had everything I needed and packed. I missed Texas Frightmare Weekend here in Dallas because I had to prepare for the trip. No rubbing shoulders with the actors and actresses of all the horror flicks I enjoy. Sometimes ya have to sacrifice a little to get a little. It is not everyday I fly to New Zealand so I will get over it. 

   I made sure to weigh my luggage before leaving my house. My plane ticket included 1 free checked bag of up to 50lbs and 2 carry ons. My checked bag weighed 47lbs. Hey it is still under 50lbs. 

Tips on luggage:

1. Most international flights will allow at least 1 free checked bag. 

2. If you are flying with multiple airlines make sure that you have the free checked bag with them as well throughout all your flights. 

3. Make sure you know if you have to pick up your bag(s) when changing planes. When you check your bag they usually tell you if you have to or not and also the pilot as well. 

4. Your plane ticket has your luggage tag info on it. So no need for those extra bar codes they usually give you when you check your bag. 

5. Make sure to pack any items which are liquid and larger than the allowed amount of 6 ounces in your Checked luggage. If it is in your carry on it will be thrown out. 

6. There is no weight limit on carry on bags (except some places like Singapore). So stuff the heck outta that bag with your heavy items to keep the weight off of your checked bag. 

7. When I travel I take my camera, lenses, IPAD, and computer. I place them in my carry on luggage so that I am not charged for extra bags when flying. 

8. I keep snacks and protein bars in my carry on bag to get me through so I do not have to buy expensive airport food. 

9. Make sure you have something to differentiate your luggage from others. I have Jack Skellington luggage tags. 

10. Leave room in your checked bag so you can add stuff to it in case you buy things while traveling. 

    First Leg: I made it safely from Dallas to San Fran despite having a crying kid on the plane for most of the flight. I am thankful for earphones. I did not have to pick up my checked bag in this airport as it was flying straight through to New Zealand. One less thing to worry about. San Fran is a very nice airport with great artwork around. I went to go find some food and drink while I had a 3 hour layover here. Good thing I have a book, IPod, and a smart phone to entertain me. 

    While I was eating in one of the restaurants in the airport near my gate I hear my last name being paged correctly (people pronounce it wrong all the time).  I was only halfway through my sandwich and had not finished my water. I wrapped all that up and went to speak to the airline customer service desk person. They said they just needed to verify me for flight. I then asked while I was there if they saw my Australian Visa on my passport. They did not and I almost had a heart attack. After everything I have gone through I really did not need this at this moment. The guy was very nice and got it on my passport without charging me. He was friendly, kind, pronounced my name right, handsome, and yeah he was gay. Hello I am in San Fran people. At least that was taken care of for real this time as I would not like to be held up in Australia without it. That would be such a Lucy moment ( I Love Lucy when she is in Nice, France episode). 

    I went back to finish my food at one of the airports charging desk stations to read and charge my phone before boarding. 


That is my plane Air New Zealand. First time flying on this airlines. The staff is super nice and they have a cool uniform that they wear. 

That NZ 7 my flight number indicates that I will be flying Air New Zealand. Important information in this ticket which I erased because of security reasons. Bag Tag numbers, Airline points number, and Passport number. 

If you went through a third party person to book your flight you usually will not get all of your airline points. Especially if the changing planes is with another airline service. But call ahead and check. Those points and miles do add up! 

I flew coach to save on airfare costs as you can see. This time I booked with Fare boom as Priceline could not give me a price I was willing to pay even with their name your own price tool. I have never used Fare Boom before now and they have great customer service. I was pretty impressed. 

EEKKKK I am super excited! 

How welcoming is this? Kia Ora is Maori language greeting which is in New Zealand English. It means "Be well/healthy" and is translated as an informal "hi". It can also be used as a farewell and thanking someone as well. Like the Ahola of Hawai'i I suppose. 

Flight from San Fran, California to Auckland, New Zealand is 13hrs 30mins. Good lord! 

Of course they had all the Lord of the Rings movies for you to watch. I Had not yet seen the Hobbit yet so I played catch up. I also saw Deadpool which was cool. 

Plane food! You get fed snacks within an hour and dinner about 2 hrs into flight. They give you a blanket, a pillow, and headphones. I brought my own plane pillow. It helps but I just have not found one that is like amazing. Nothing compares to a full size pillow. This flight was not full so I got to have a whole section to myself. That is until someone wanted to join me for whatever reason. No matter I still had lots of leg room. 

You have USB charger for electronics while in flight. You can order snacks or drinks off your touchscreen personal monitor from the attendants. I was in capri sweats, comfy gym tank, hoodie, and tennis shoes. Long flights mean I need to be comfortable. 


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